Recently I was asked what has been the most fulfilling aspect of being a business owner. It only took a moment to reply that building relationships has been the most rewarding facet. At BlueTick Communications our number one priority is building and retaining positive and lasting relationships with our clients; we strive to be open and honest, keeping rates affordable for local businesses and nonprofit organizations.

According to the Business Formation Statistics, recent business applications for September 2021, adjusted for seasonal variation, were 431,381, an increase of .08 percent compared to August, 2021. With the number of entrepreneurs just getting started, BlueTick Communications teamed up with seasoned professionals to provide their insight into the importance of relationship building.

Beginning in December join us here, for our four-part series, where we ask local business owners their thoughts on the importance of relationship building, challenges, how they overcame those hurdles, and their advice to individuals seeking to venture out on their own.