Trying to decide whether to shop at the large home improvement retailer with a garden center? Debating on taking the family out for breakfast to the chain restaurant with a line that’s 20 deep out the front door? Why not support your community and shop and support the locally owned nursery that carries a wide array of plants, flowers and shrubs or dine at the local café that uses fresh meats and produce? There are several things to consider when faced with such decisions that will help boost and maintain your local economy.

When you support small, locally owned businesses you are investing and making a positive economic impact in your community. Small business owners tend to be more in tune with the happenings on a financial and personal level within the neighborhoods they serve. They have insight, awareness, and a more heightened sense of social responsibility to give back and contribute by getting involved and supporting fundraisers, grassroots efforts, and nonprofit organizations.

Large corporations moving into smaller or rural communities may not hire within the local area; instead, opting to transfer already established employees to the new facility. In contrast, small businesses help economic growth by hiring those individuals in communities that may not meet the employment requirements of such larger companies.

According to a 2021 Forbes article (Roberts, par. 1, 2) there are 31 million plus small businesses across the nation that “are indeed the country’s backbone.” Roberts went on to explain that many of these businesses faced “never-ending challenges” during the pandemic but had the “grit and determination…and many found a way not only to survive but thrive.”

Business trends for 2022 reflect a very positive outcome for new businesses – “86% of consumers believe ‘small businesses are crucial to the economy’ and 57% say they will spend more money at small businesses in the next six months.” (Lesonsky, par.6). With such expectations for this year, and moving forward, small businesses will continue to make positive economic impacts within their communities across the country.

So, the next time you’re thinking of shopping or dining at a large retailer or restaurant, respectively, keep the following in mind:

  1. Small businesses create jobs
  2. Money stays in your community
  3. Small businesses create community relationships
  4. Small businesses support local causes
  5. Personalized customer service

Get out there and make an effort to visit and support smaller, locally owned businesses in your community. Ask to meet and talk to the owner, get to know the employees; you may be greeted with an overwhelming appreciation for your patronage and look forward to your next shopping or dining experience.

 *A special thank you to Nikki Asani, Owner, Eggsquisite Café (Allen, TX) for use of image.


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